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Technological advancements have led to improved audio/video communication quality on the Internet which has led to major growth in online education. Studying online is also very convenient and adjusts to everyone’s schedule. Students have the ability to complete their course from their own pace. This system is well recognized in the USA, UK, EU as well as all over countries in the world.

We have all qualified and well-mannered teachers. We teach with the help of modern technologies, including: Skype, email, Power point, and PDF materials. Our lessons are held in innovative and powerful software which makes e-learning easier. Our qualified teachers have certificates in memorization of the holy Quran (Hafiz-e-Quran), Ijaza and Tajweed as well as certificates to teach Arabic as a Foreign Language. We also provide 24/7 services. Additionally, we have female teachers for sisters and our lessons are held in full segregation.

Our program benefits you in many ways. You will be studying from within your own home and can easily monitor your family members while you learn and also can monitor your child’s progress.
  • The fee is minimal and you can pay in many ways directly online without visiting any distant learning institute.
  • There is discount for two or more than two members of the family.
Our complete team of teachers is proficient and well trained along with possessing high degrees in Islamic Studies, Arabic and Masters in International Relations (IR). Boasting experience of years in the field of online teaching, the experts at Quran Web Teaching (QWT) will be more than enough to provide you standard education and teaching. Our class conversation available in three languages, English, Urdu and Bengali.
Once you register for your chosen course, the next steps are quite easy. You will be assigned a tutor with whom you will decide a time convenient for both of you. At the appointed time your tutor will be online. You are required to connect with your tutor via Skype or any other communicating software e.g. Imo, Viber, WhatsApp etc. and from there onward the teacher will guide you with the course. We are not providing any CD or software. All of our sessions are live and we provide all of Quran learning Material. 80% of our class conduct over Skype.
Download Skype software to your laptop/desktop
  • Add the teacher’s account in Skype.
  • At the scheduled appointment of the lesson, the student joins the teacher on Skype, Imo, Viber, WhatsApp etc for one-to-one session then will call to student in time.
  • Each class duration 30 min usually.
  • Desktop (PC) or Laptop
  • Download Skype software
  • Email
  • Internet connection (minimum speed of 1mb is recommended)
  • Headset with microphone
  • Webcam, if you want to be seen by the teacher (recommended but not mandatory
N.B. Our Technical expert will guide you and your child the basic installation of the software. It takes less than a minute to be online and start taking classes.
Our course program does not require that you be a professional at computer software or hardware. You only need to have sufficient knowledge to be able to use simple commands on the computer and internet. At any point during your course, we are here to assist you. You do not need any computer expertise to take lessons.
Quran Web Teaching (QWT) is your sanctuary for learning Islamic teachings. You will be satisfied to know that we do provide female tutors for our female students as well.
You may change your class timings more than 30 min and class schedule if needed. However, if your specified teacher is not available at the changed time, you will be assigned another tutor.

Our contact number and email address are given to our “Contact Us” Web page. However, if you face such situation- simply dial our Imo, Viber, WhatsApp number +8801519393190 or mail at info@quranweb.net we will solve issue insa Allah.

Do not worry if you miss a class or even two. Recovery classes can be arranged with proper planning. However try not to miss out on too many lectures as it could render you an incomplete course.
In order to become familiar with our program and see if we meet your requirements, we offer 3 free trial classes. You will enjoy free online classes in which you can guess our teaching methods and efficiency.
We accept payments through the following methods which is detail in “Fees” web page. You are not required to give credit card information at all. Directly you may mail at for payment options.