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Memorize The Holy Quran


Memorization of the Holy Quran

From the blessings of Allah upon us is that he made the Magnificent Quran easy to memorize for the Muslims. There are circles for Quran memorization in the Masjids that have been arranged for children, which also serves this purpose. There are also classes for Quran memorization in the evenings for women in any institution around the world.

So, that the joy of the parent will be complete, they should know what is in store for their children by knocking at his great door (the door to Quran memorization). For indeed Allah has guaranteed and promised many fruits (benefits and blessings) for memorizing His book.

Insa Allah- participants get knowledge over the followings:

  • Discussion of basic Tajweed rules for the first.
  • Memorization of para 30 full.
  • Memorization sura Yasin, sura Mulk, sura Rahman, sura Yakia,
    sura Fatiha and sura Baqara.
  • Besides according to participants demand whose part of the Holy Quran wants to memorize.


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