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Learn Trans. & Tafseer


Why learn Quran translation & Tafseer (interpretation)It is the science of tafseer which is the fruit of ‘pondering over its verses’. Tafseer comes from the root letters fa seen ra, or fassara and means to explain, to discover, elucidate, to disclose (a hidden thing), and to interpret. Allah says-

Many Muslims assume that learning the science of tafseer is not part of learning the holy Quran , when in fact tafseer is crucial to properly understanding the holy Quran itself. Without knowledge of tafseer, we can easily misunderstand the holy Quran . The science of tafseer is meant to explain to mankind the book that has been revealed to them from Allah.

Insa Allah- participants get knowledge over the followings:

  • Translation & Tafseer (interpretation) of Sura Fatiha.
  • Translation & Tafseer (interpretation) of each sura of the para 30.
  • Translation & Tafseer (interpretation) of sura Yasin, sura Mulk.
  • Translation & Tafseer (interpretation) of important verses of the Quran e.g. verses of Kursi, verses regarding prayer, fasting, wadu, bath, social and humanitarian related issues.


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